tuna (maguro)*



steamed and tossed in sea salt $3 / steamed and tossed in truffle butter $5 / steamed and tossed in spicy miso butter $5

crisp curried lobster spring rolls

sweet and sour puree / green papaya slaw / eel sauce


lettuce wrap*

raw ahi tuna / yakiniku sauce / papaya carrot slaw / fried wontons / wasabi mayo / wasabi tobiko


pork gyoza

pan fried pork dumplings / spicy citrus soy for dipping


ika tempura (calamari)

lightly battered and flash fried “yari ika” / asian pesto sauce, topped with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese



pulled pork with our famous korean bbq sauce / citrus aioli slaw / szechuan spicy mixed fries


confit duck steam buns

confit duck / hoisin glaze / pickled vegetables / chinese steam bun


korean bbq grilled pork ribs

szechuan spicy mixed fries


coconut tiger shrimp

deep fried fresh tiger shrimp with toasted coconut / banana mango jam / sweet chili sauce


ahi and avocado poke*

raw ahi tuna / onion / avocado / red and green cabbage / truffle oil / crispy taro chips / parmesan


gyuniku teppan (prepared by you!)

thin sliced beef tenderloin with miso compound butter, ginger and cabbage / prepared by you at the table on a sizzling hot teppan style iron skillet


hamachi kama

(limited availability, please allow 30 min.) baked yellowtail cheek / side salad with ahi dressing / ponzu on the side with sesame seeds and scallions


also available as salmon kama $10


choices with dipping sauce:

thin cut vegetables (zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes and onions) $7 / tempura shrimp $9 / shrimp and vegetable combo $13



tuna (maguro)*


crisp nashi pear and field greens salad

fresh tomatoes / passion fruit shiso vinaigrette


add tofu $2

add chicken $6

chinese chicken salad

field greens / sweet soy marinated chicken / candied walnuts and sesame soy dressing / crisp wonton chips


seared ahi tuna salad with onion pepper dressing*

furikake crusted ahi sliced thin / spring mix and grilled asparagus


seafood salad*

field greens / tuna, yellowtail, salmon, tako (octopus) and shrimp / smelt eggs and bonito flakes / spicy citrus vinaigrette



sushi rice bowls

served with miso soup

chirashi bowl*

chef’s selection of fresh fish “scattered” over rice


tuna bowl*

tuna / mango / shrimp / cucumber / chinese parsley / spicy poke sauce


eel / avocado bowl*

crab mix and eel sauce / served over steamed rice


salmon / avocado bowl*

salmon / avocado / asparagus / chinese parsley / spicy poke sauce



soups / noodles

buckwheat noodles available upon request

miso soup

miso bean broth served with a dash of seaweed, scallions, tofu and shiitake mushrooms


nabeyaki udon

japanese noodle soup / shrimp / scallops / fish cake / kombu / mixed asian vegetables / crispy tempura shrimp


vegetable udon

japanese noodle soup with fresh vegetables and crispy tempura vegetables


add crispy tempura shrimp $1.5 each

hikari fried rice

chinese style fried rice tossed with fresh vegetables and oyster / soy sauce

vegetable $9 / chicken $12 / shrimp $13 / beef tenderloin $13


stir fried chinese noodles / choose from these four:

vegetable $9 / chicken $12 / shrimp $13 / beef tenderloin $13

Bento Boxes

lunch bento boxes

includes a side salad / steamed rice / tempura vegetables and shrimp

chicken teriyaki

grilled chicken breast / house teriyaki sauce / asian stir fried vegetables


beef teriyaki

grilled tenderloin steak / house teriyaki sauce / asian stir fried vegetables


salmon teriyaki

grilled atlantic salmon filet / house teriyaki sauce / asian stir fried vegetables



lightly battered and crispy fried shrimp and vegetable tempura


chicken katsu

panko fried chicken breast with orange sake miso glaze / asian stir fried vegetables


baked sea bass

ginger miso sauce / steamed japanese rice / sautéed house vegetables



lunch sushi

sushi lunch*

one california roll (8 pieces) / four pieces of nigiri (tuna, yellowtail, salmon and shrimp)


sashimi lunch*

four kinds of fresh fish sashimi (tuna, yellowtail, salmon and albacore) each cut into three pieces


sushi & sashimi lunch*

five kinds of nigiri sushi (tuna, yellowtail, salmon, shrimp and eel) / three kinds of fresh fish sashimi (tuna, yellowtail and salmon) each cut into three pieces


*These items contain raw or undercooked products. Consuming raw or undercooked seafood may increase your risk of food borne illness especially if you have certain medical conditions. Dine-in promotions only. No substitutions for happy hour (hh) items. Menu items & prices are subject to change.

Lunch Menu