What Are the Health Benefits of Sushi?

November 7, 2018

Almost everyone knows that sushi tastes good, but what’s less clear is the health impacts that it has on your body. Thankfully, sushi is actually one of the healthier things that you can eat! While the nutritional values of your favorite rolls differ depending on the type of sushi that you like to consume, most types of sushi are a valuable source of fiber, protein and vitamins. Additionally, sushi is a low-calorie meal that fits with most diet plans.

Compared to many lunch and dinner options, visiting a sushi restaurant in Phoenix, AZ is a relatively healthy choice. While many restaurants rely on overly salty, fried or heavy foods, sushi is a light, yet filling alternative to many cuisines. Here are just some of the health benefits associated with eating sushi:

  • Hormone regulation: All sushi is wrapped in nori, a special type of Japanese dried seaweed. Nori is an excellent source of iodine, a valuable mineral that helps us regulate the way our thyroid gland operates. In addition to promoting general health, proper thyroid performance is a key factor in maintaining a healthy weight. Nori is an excellent source of many other minerals, as well.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids: Fish, particularly sashimi, is an outstanding source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are an essential contributor to heart health. Omega 3 acids are a “good” cholesterol that helps prevent blockages from forming in arteries, and also helps lower blood pressure. Fish like lake trout, salmon, tuna and herring are especially rich in Omega 3 acids.
  • Circulation: Both fish and soy sauce are significant sources of iron, which is an essential mineral that contributes to healthy circulation. Additionally, consuming a healthy amount of iron boosts your body’s red blood cell count, which can improve your metabolism, your hair health, skin health and so much more. An iron-rich diet also contributes to your ability to heal from injuries and sickness.
  • Immune assistance: Both wasabi and ginger, which are commonly served alongside most Japanese dishes, including sushi, are antibacterial in nature. This means that they can help you stave off potential infections. Additionally, the vitamin-rich nori, rice, fish and vegetables can also contribute to your overall health, thus boosting your immune system.
  • Antioxidant: In addition to serving as antibiotics, wasabi and ginger also possess a number of antioxidant properties, which means that they help your body fend off free radicals, the primary cause of cancer. Selenium, a mineral found in some types of fish, also possesses the antioxidant properties necessary to help your body fend off free radicals and more.

If you’re looking for a trusted local establishment to enjoy this delicious, healthy food, look no further than PURE Sushi Colony. We’re proud to be a premier sushi restaurant in Phoenix, AZ offering a range of healthy sushi selections. To learn more about our comprehensive menu and wide selection of healthy eating options, reach out to one of our friendly service staff team members or visit our centrally located restaurant today!

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