Everything You Need to Know About Bento Boxes

August 6, 2018

Japanese food and Japanese restaurants are becoming increasingly popular across the globe. For good reasons, too—Japanese food in Phoenix, AZ is healthy, nutritious and can be eaten on the go. The traditional way of eating Japanese food on the go is in a bento box. This post will teach you everything you need to know about making your own bento box, or ordering one from your local Japanese restaurant.

What are bento boxes?

Bento boxes are traditional takeout or single-portion meals that contain everything one needs to feel satiated throughout the day. These boxes originated thousands of years ago in Japan and fed hungry warriors during times of war. Over time, they’ve fed everyone from simple farmers in rural villages to high-powered business people in large cities. Nowadays, you can most likely get a bento box at any traditional Japanese restaurant anywhere in the world!

What’s in a bento box?

As mentioned above, bento boxes should be filling and nutritious enough to keep you going throughout the day. The four types of food that should go into every bento box include carbohydrates (like noodles), protein (like fresh fish), vegetables and fruits. The ratio of each food depends on your personal preference, but it’s important to never overload on one food group and skimp on another.

Each food group is divided from the rest inside a bento box. This ensures your food is neat and orderly, and no flavors get mixed together. All of the food in a bento box is packed in tightly so that there’s no mess when you open the lid to dig in.

Why are bento boxes special?

You can get a takeout meal from practically any restaurant, but you won’t find a more convenient, nutritionally balanced, tasty or aesthetically pleasing lunch than a bento box:

  • Convenience: Since all of the foods in a bento box are packed so tightly, there’s hardly any chance your food will spill out during lunchtime. Whether you’re a farmer in the fields or an executive in the boardroom, you can easily take out your bento box and enjoy your lunch.
  • Nutritious: It’s a fact that Japanese food in Phoenix, AZ is packed with vital nutrients. From protein to carbs, bento boxes have all of the foods you need to stay healthy and get through the day.
  • Tasty: What’s the point of eating lunch if you’re not going to enjoy your food? All of the foods in bento boxes are packed with flavor, and are a real treat for your taste buds. The best part? You can put whatever you like in a bento box. In fact, a bento box doesn’t even need to have Japanese food in it. Many cultures have created their own versions of bento boxes with traditional cuisine.
  • Visually stunning: Last, but certainly not least, bento boxes can be very aesthetically pleasing. All of those vibrant colors from your fruits and veggies look great, and the foods can be arranged in your bento box to look like characters, animals, buildings or scenery.

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