Tips for Trying Sushi for the First Time

May 8, 2018

If you haven’t tried sushi before, you might be a bit hesitant at first. After all, you probably don’t eat raw fish very often! But did you know that not all sushi involves raw fish? This is a versatile dish that many people enjoy and everyone should at least try once in their lives.

But you don’t have to fly blind the first time you try sushi in Phoenix, AZ. We’re here to help guide you in this new experience. Here are some helpful pointers on what to do the first time you try sushi:

  • Check out all the options: As mentioned above, sushi isn’t just raw fish. Eel is served cooked, often in a sweet and savory sauce. You could also try the staple of sushi newcomers, a California roll, which involves crab, cucumber and avocado. This is an American spin on sushi that many people love. Alternatively, you could try shrimp or vegetarian options. So if raw fish isn’t your thing, don’t worry about it!
  • Order it as an appetizer: Share a sushi starter with the whole table. That way, if you don’t like it, you won’t feel any pressure to eat it. This is a great way to experiment and try something new without making a huge commitment.
  • Try things you already like: If you already like salmon, then you may want to try a salmon roll. The raw version of this dish doesn’t have a vastly different flavor profile than the cooked version. If you’re a calamari fan, then trying an octopus dish isn’t a stretch at all. Tuna is another good choice for those who are unsure of what they may like. Sushi doesn’t have to be an entirely foreign experience, even for conservative eaters.
  • Go with the least amount of “fishy” intensity: Sashimi is essentially raw fish filets served over rice. For a newcomer, this might be a bit much. Better to go with a sushi roll, where the strong flavor of raw fish will be less intense. You could also try some options without a strong fishy taste, like squid, halibut or scallops.

That said, if you’ve tried it and you’re just not a sushi fan, have no fear. At PURE Sushi Colony, we offer so much more than just sushi in Phoenix, AZ. Our chicken and beef options, like our delicious Korean-style ribs and sliders, are very popular choices. We always use the freshest ingredients to ensure that our patrons are getting nothing but the highest quality dishes—whether it’s sushi or any of our other delicious Asian food options. This is why sushi fans and everyone else loves coming to our restaurants.

We’re a locally owned and operated business with strong roots in the Phoenix area. Our regular customers love our happy hour drink deals and fresh, tasty takes on everything from California rolls and coconut shrimp to sashimi. We offer a fun, relaxed atmosphere and friendly, professional service. Stop by and find out why PURE Sushi Colony is the best place for sushi in Phoenix, AZ!

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