What You Need to Know About Sake

March 14, 2018

Sake is a delicious, ancient and versatile drink common in Japan. Many of Japan’s surrounding countries, including Korea and China, serve sake variants. Sake is brewed from rice, and is commonly served both warm and chilled. Sake’s mild flavor serves as the perfect accompaniment to sushi and a variety of Japanese-style dishes.

Visiting a Japanese restaurant in Phoenix, AZ is the best way to sample sake for the first time and learn more about this delectable beverage. If you are unfamiliar with sake, however, you may have a series of questions about this tasty and inviting drink, including.

What is sake?

Sake is fermented rice wine. Unlike wine, which derives its alcohol content from fruit sugars, the sake fermentation process converts rice starches into sugars, which then ferment into alcohol. Sake generally has a higher alcohol content than most brewed beverages. Freshly brewed sake’s alcohol content ranges from 18 to 20 percent, though it is typically diluted prior to bottling.

Sake is available in a wide range of styles and flavor profiles, depending on the fermentation process used and the type of rice brewed. Some types of sake are flat, like wine, while others sparkle, like beer or prosecco. It’s important for new sake drinkers to try a wide range of sake products to determine which sake style and flavor profile meets their tastes.

How do I drink sake?

Because sake is an integral part of Japanese culture, traditional sake ceremonies can be intimidating for the uninitiated. Traditionally, sake is served warm in a porcelain container called a tokkuri. It is then poured into small, shallow porcelain cups called choko. During sake ceremonies, sake is poured into a saucer-like cup and placed inside a rice-measuring box called a masu.

In most instances, however, sake is served simply in a wine glass or tumbler. Chilled sake, in particular, almost always appears in a traditional wine glass.

The temperature at which you drink your sake depends largely on the season, the quality of the sake itself and your own personal preferences. Sake should always be stored in a cool, dark area, however, and it should always be finished once the bottle is opened.

What should I eat while drinking sake?

Sake boasts a smooth and creamy flavor profile, which means that it is an ideal beverage to accompany spicy foods! Visit a Japanese restaurant in Phoenix, AZ to figure out which sake-food pairing is your favorite.

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